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Bonjour à tous, Je suis Alexia de France. Comme le titre l'indique, ce blog est à propos de prodiges musicaux! J'espère que tout le monde aime mon blog!
J'ai fait ce blog pour reconnaître les enfants musicales

Hello everyone, I'm Alexia from France. As the title suggests, this blog is about music prodigies! I hope everyone enjoys my blog!

This is a fan-made page and therefore,I own nothing, all pictures taken from google and their respective websites.

I made this blog to recognize musical kids.
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Monday, 9 September 2013

Emma Taggart

Emma Taggart is a 11-year old classically trained pianist , she has performed around the world winning numerous awards such as Maria Herrero International Piano Competition and she appeared on Lake Land Public Television. At age 8 , Emma performed her 90 minutes solo debut at Dellwood Hills Salon Concert Series. When she turned 10, Emma played with Golden Valley Orchestra.

Emma's Website
Emma's YouTube Channel

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